A labyrinth is a simple to very complex geometric pattern formed on the ground using a wide variety of materials. The purpose of a Labyrinth is to allow people to slowly walk either alone or in pairs to meditate, contemplate, and reflect. We designed and installed a moderately complex stone Labyrinth using natural Pennsylvania fieldstone set directly into the earth.  The stones are all roughly the size of a dinner plate, and have a flat rugged top. We installed fresh cut sod on the Labyrinth “pathways”, that lead to a center focal point boulder that doubles as a two person sitting bench overlooking the water. The total time to walk the entire Labyrinth is in excess of three minutes, providing a calming time as you move in a circular motion with your head looking downward. During the night the Labyrinth can be illuminated with candles, or luminaries to allow small to large gatherings at a time of reflection or worship. Labyrinths can also be fashioned using various gravel pathways, or more formal pavers and granite blocks.

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